Before you say that these pictures are crappy or horrible, please take a minute to read this.

My little brother (he´s 5 years old) drew them for me and they are one of the greatest gift I´ve ever got.

A few weeks ago we watched some episodes of Tron:Uprising and he realized how much I love this show. So he decided to draw me some pictures. He built a little mailbox out of an old shoebox and put these pictures as a surprise into it. You can guess how happy I was, when I discovered the pictures.

1) This Beck fighting Clu, Dyson and some soldiers.

2) Mara´s head is a little too big, but she looks happy. :)

3) Paige´s hair got a little bit messy, but she has the right circuit color. :)

4) Group photo of Clu´s soldiers.

5) This is Tron. Tron has 2 discs. :D

6) Tron and Beck fighting Clu and Dyson.

7) And this one is my favourite. Beck is so tiny and looks kinda weird but I always have to laugh when I look at it.

8) And last but not least: the great Clu himself.

This is what you get when you watch T:U with a child. :D I know, they only have heads, arms and legs, but that´s what makes them unique. They are cuttlefish, ok? :D

I´m really happy to have a little brother who draws me some Uprising guys. :) This cheers me up evertime I´m sad.

This has completely made my day! Thank you for sharing, Blanche, and even greater thanks to your little brother for his thoughtfulness in not just who they’re of (from a great series we all love!), but also in how he gave them to you (the whole mailbox idea makes it all the more endearing); it’s a heartfelt gift.

There are more than enough artists who never let their art see the light of day, or who stall for wont of greater/accurate quality - I can definitely speak out of experience in these - but nobody should forget that meaningfulness virtually always surmounts workmanship.

(P.S.: Cuttlefish are awesome creatures! … Now you set my poor, overactive subconscious gears in motion. Option A) one can imagine Sea of Simulation cuttlefish. Or the more amusing option B) an AU where the Grid is all underwater (and the Sea of Simulation is some grand, foreboding abyss!), and cuttlefish-Programs are the sentient beings of the Grid! …. Actually, it reminds me of this one dream I had. But, that’s for another time.)

(P. P. S.: Cuttlefish Tesler. =p … would he instead be some kind of monstrous Kraken? He’s an old Program. Wait… “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Tesler R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!”)

Considering that the original cartoon artists drew the characters with very long legs, this is wonderfully accurate for a little kid drawing!


Who is in the Tavern? has launched on Kickstarter

It’s a set of cards that D&D game masters and storytellers in general can use to fill a scene with NPCs and random characters to interact with. Each card has a unique character (illustrated by me), and includes tavern stats and personality traits to help build stories.

A lot of the characters will be created using ideas from backers, meaning that you can have your character illustrated by me and it will appear on the cards if you back the project at Bartender and Proprietor levels!

Please check out the Kickstarter and back if you can/want! These guys are just a taste of the fun and wacky characters I’ve been working on! Click the link!

I love his illustrations and think these would be a great GM tool.

From the new album, Transmissions

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Found this album yesterday. Instant LOVE. This song so fit with a story I have tumbling around in my head.

All Hail Clu by cloudlakes

I needed some Clu2 in my life. I’d bet you did too.

Drawn on paper for concept, then finished in Sketchbook Pro 7 on a Wacom Cintiq.


Anonymous asked:

Bro I bet you can't even begin to draw a warlock from destiny. They are just to different from usual armor! I just don't think you can do si-fi stuff



Nice try chum, but I’ve got a commission list for a reason!
Better luck next time!

His brilliant reply made my day. Seriously.




@tabithalou: This what they not showing you on the media. These young men cleaning up after the riot. #Ferguson

This also is hugely important. There’s a fixation in stories. A general pessimism about the human race. But I think there’s plenty of evidence for our giving nature. That bad, bad horrible things happen and there’s ALWAYS people willing to stand up and make things better. Across generations and cultures and nations. No matter how bad things get, there’s never not somebody looking out for their kids, their neighbors, their community. And that kind of solidarity pushes us through.

Even if it’s something as simple and seemingly small as picking up the trash after a major confrontation. That too is important.


I wish we’d see more of this side of the story!

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Experimenting today with learning how to can peaches (with a wee bit of flavorings vanilla and cinnamon) and how to make mustard.

Experimenting today with learning how to can peaches (with a wee bit of flavorings vanilla and cinnamon) and how to make mustard.


Sorry for not updating Chrome’s Little Bird! But, here are the last two pages! I thank you guys so much for the huge support of this oneshot mini comic! I will have other comics that will feature other humanizations! :D

Thank you!

I will also have master posts of them in order since quite a few asked :3

Yay! Glad to see the update and find out what happens!

It’s the light jet hand held glow in the dark lady’s fan?? I need one for Halloween…

It’s the light jet hand held glow in the dark lady’s fan?? I need one for Halloween…

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