Wishes and prep for classes

Hoping for time to draw today.  This week has been sucked up (not in a bad way) by class prep. (2 classes I’ll teach in nalbinding and dye classes my daughter and I get to take together) I’m going to have to pack a notebook to draw at the fiber fair and at the zoo.


Love sung through loss.

I love andatsea’s work. This one just really spoke to me today.


Love sung through loss.

I love andatsea’s work. This one just really spoke to me today.

I absolutely love these - especially the robots!  (Robots always make the day a little better.)


Riccardo Zema

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Have you sees the Clu modeling for the movie done by Dan Platt? Fabulous images of Clu that I hadn’t seen yet.  :)  The images on his blog should have been in the Tron: Legacy art book!

I can’t stop listening to this song today!

What is up with getting snow in September on the other side of the state? Egahds.  Anyhoo. Here’s a cute comic for those who woke up to snow. (I just discovered this comic - it’s so cute it hurts!)


allronix asked:

Glad to find someone willing to take on that character. He's certainly controversial in the fandom, with many well-intentioned but problematic actions. How do you see him? Hero? Villain? A Fool? Something of all three? Something else?





    [Firstly, thank you. I know there’s other Flynns out there, but I want tothank you for acknowledging me and asking me this.

    Just to clarify: Because Flynn is my favorite character (and portrayed by my one of my favorite actors) I’m probably going to have some sort of bias (I’m guessing that’s obvious, but I feel like mentioning it).

   Onto the question:  

   Controversial? I understand some people didn’t “get” the personality shift, but can you call Flynn controversial? huh? Is he like hated now? I’m confused.

    I can’t really see him as a villain, that’s contradictory to his personality and his outlook/philosophy.

   At his core, in both films and in other material, Flynn is a creator (hence the URL). Flynn likes making things and letting other people enjoy those things. He also doesn’t like being taking advantage of, which is why he fights back and eventually succeeds in the end.

    In Legacy, he is basically taken advantage of by one of his mistakes. I think people don’t seem to realize that Clu (2.0) essentially kidnapped him. He was stuck in there for next to 30 something years, and time works differently in the computer world.

   In the first movie, his adventure is almost 2 days long, and to his friends on the outside, it seemed like minutes. Imagine what 30 years would feel like. You’d probably be a different person to. I can’t say it’s like becoming crazy, but you can tell Flynn is different in Legacy, and for me it’s something to really chew on and think about … and that’s why I like Legacy a lot, but that’s another story.

    Look, in real life I’m an artist. I’m going through school and I have big ideas about the industry I want to go to in to. Flynn is a relatable character for me, an innovator, a game changer, a guy who stumbles on something brilliant and whats to make it better. He’s the sci-fi equivalent of the misunderstood artist. 

   Is he a hero? Maybe not traditionally, he does what he feels is just. He wants to make things better for everybody. He does so in a rogue-ish way by committing industrial sabotage, but at that point he’s playing dirty the same way Dilinger and the MCP are.

   Is he a fool? In the same way human beings are fools for making mistakes and not being able to predict the future. He made an effort to stop the madness, it wasn’t enough. When he was broken and battered and Sam came to him with a solution … he didn’t take it right away because he was afraid. You spend that much time thinking about how to fix a dilemma, it changes the way you view everything.

    Is he a villain? NO. He’s never hurt anyone for the hell of it. He has a sense of justice. He’s not curious to the point of torturing subjects. He’s not a mad scientist.

   Flynn’s a creator who’s trying to learn more about a miracle. He’s like an artist studying the concept of life itself, but he’s laid-back and sometimes jovial, sometimes serious and willing to look at things from different perspectives, philosophies, religions. Basically, Flynn became the wise sage of the story, and some people don’t care for that. I think it’s cool he grew and changed with the story. Real people grow and change, so does Flynn, and so do I.

End of line …]

I actually wrote a whole essay about this (and put it on Ao3). I do see many of the character’s actions as questionable. It probably does not help that I have Flynn’s godson/quasi-nephew (a legacy-compliant Jet Bradley) rattling about in my head, and he got a great look at humans exploiting the digital world out of greed and lust for power. (And would likely be pissed off at his “uncle” for several reasons)  I’m not the only one who was a little bothered by the character’s actions, especially factoring in the ARG and Betrayal comic.

1. He treated his friends and family horribly, and yet they were still loyal to him. Seriously? Leaving them to twenty years of guesswork and dead ends? Not even an “in case I die or vanish” letter in his safe deposit box? Not even telling Lora what he’s done with a laser she explicitly called her life’s work? Constant lies to Jordan about what he was up to? That laser could be doing god knows what to his DNA! 

Most of Legacy could have been prevented if he just TRUSTED the people who were so loyal to him. Why didn’t he tell his parents? Alan? Roy? Lora? Jordan? If anything, Alan needed to know what an awesome “son” he had! 

2. It looks like he threw the Programs under the bus once the Isos showed up. Yes, they were miracles. Life from nothing. Emergent species. All great…but the Programs are also sentient beings, with their own society, sense of humor, dreams, and so forth. One of the excerpts from Digital Frontier (http://www.flynnfrontier.com/excerpts.htm) has the passage "Can a digital being manifest free will?…Short answer: No." That’s after he has seen the digital world for himself, and saw Programs who were willing to die for their beliefs! In Evolution, he talks about the Isos and says "Free will - try programming that!" Seriously?! When we have seen plenty of examples of Program free will already? That’s blatant and disgusting disregard for their sentience. 

3. Tying into the above; we have only Quorra’s word that he did much other than pack it up to the Outlands and sit on his hands until Sam showed up. There is no indication in Tron Uprising that he was fighting back. He chooses to safeguard the last Iso, but millions of Program lives are lost or worse, including Tron’s. It had to be hell for the Programs, knowing their creator abandoned them, that he saved his precious one while everyone else was cast aside to suffer. Hell, I’ll bet that was one of Clu’s better recruitment speeches.  

Controversy and conflict, flux and diversity - this is why I appreciate the community of fans of TRON.

No perception is linear, and even the thinnest of characters can be revealed, through both careful thought and spontaneous connection (or even just the tenuous, mischevious bands of good and clever humor) to indicate more depth to various aspects of the Grid than one may have first seen.


I love this discussion! I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately.

I think it was Flynn’s innocence that makes the argument for both good and evil. He created because he could and saw the potential for good. But even after his experience in 1982, he didn’t see much of the possible evil. He also saw the grid as a test bed, when none of the programs did.

Unwittingly, he became the bad side of the word “user”, and used his creation to the point of breaking. I suspect that at that breaking point, he was about to reveal grid the world. (I also suspect, just before the reveal he would likely have upgraded systems and avoided several the problems in the Betrayal graphic novel.)

I flip flop between liking him and liking Clu. Together they’re a fabulous play off each other.


Today’s the day. The day you help save the internet from being ruined.


Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

(Long story short: The FCC is about to make a critical decision as to whether or not internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally. If they choose wrong, then the internet where anyone can start a website for any reason at all, the internet that’s been so momentous, funny, weird, and surprising—that internet could cease to exist. Here’s your chance to preserve a beautiful thing.)

Let’s do what we can!

Nalbound hat in progress. I want to draw right now, but I need to be ready for my awesome students! (They are always so awesome, seriously.)